a full circular economy

100% recyclable & zero waste technology

Meryl Fabrics manufacture fabrics and final apparel items with a complete circular economy.  All materials and items that we manufacture can be sent back to us to be remade into the same items.  We use no water, no chemicals and no solvents in the manufacturing of our products and the final items do not shed microfibres.  

According to WRAP’s Carbon Waste and Resources Metric, a closed-loop for textile recycling offers a 14,760kg per tonne CO2e saving as an alternative to landfill, meaning use of Meryl fabric can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.


Responsible textiles

- Sustainable

- Reusable

- Recyclable

- Protection

Our mission is to lead a radical change in the textile industry through advanced technologies starting from the highest quality molecular  structure of the yarn. We deliver high performance yarns and fabrics with exceptional touch by combining cross sections and testing  tenacities and different yarn deniers.


Meryl’s advanced hydrogen technology allows creating high performance fabrics which do not release microplastics, with no water  consumption, no use of chemicals and 100% recyclable.

Our Circular Economy