Feel the E-colour revolution


Traditional dyeing consists on a two step process: The production of white fabric and the subsequent dyeing. By contrast, Meryl EcoDye uses one step colouration process in which the pigment is added to the polymer and the colour becomes an inherent part of the yarn. 

Colour Resistance 

Meryl EcoDye is a guarantee of the highest quality: Absolute colour fastness and tighter colour control. The fibre is dyed throughout assuring a perfect colour uniformity. Moreover, it offers outstanding colour fastness to UV rays, washing abrasion, migration and ironing.


Meryl EcoDye offers significant environmental benefits. Traditional dyeing uses large quantities of water and requires effluent treatment to address the dye discharge whereas Meryl EcoDye process does not use water, thereby reducing the environmental footprint. Meryl EcoDye colours have been made 100% with dyes and pigments and its colour masterbatch is considered environmentally friendly and healthy. Meryl EcoDye does not contain heavy metals. 


Meryl EcoDye is a colour solution suitable for different Meryl Fabrics. Even applied in yarns with special performance such as Meryl fabrics with an antimicrobial effect, Meryl EcoDye will maintain the positive properties.  

Meryl ecodye properties

Meryl EcoDye is the sustainable option to achieve vibrant and permanent colours with the ability to reduce energy consumption and provide cost savings offering the perfect replacement for traditional methods.  Meryl EcoDye is the next generation of dyeing processes.