Meryl Education

As a pioneer in hi-tech sustainable materials and owners of the first in-house circular economy offering in textiles, we are hugely passionate about supporting future generations in making a difference by introducing Meryl Education Programmes.

The Meryl Fabrics® team will be visiting universities, colleges and schools to deliver an in-person presentation exploring the extent of which textile production is adversely impacting the environment, and share an insight into the latest technologies designed to mitigate future harm.

The last two years has seen us cover a lot of ground in imparting our knowledge on revolutionising the way in which textiles are manufactured, to eliminate microplastic shedding and reduce the overall environmental impact of professional clothing by closing the loop. However, much of this has been industry focused. For real, sustainable change to take place, we must capture the attention, hearts and minds of the industry leaders of tomorrow by supporting students keen to make a real difference.

Following on from a highly successful pilot with forward thinking education provider Abbey College Manchester, we are now eager to share our insights with more educational establishments on a phased basis. Any universities, colleges or schools which would like to welcome the Meryl Fabrics® team are invited to email: [email protected]